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PLUS Tips To Help You With Your Travels

 From the freedom and discovering the "unknown" to the general excitement of just "living life" - travelling the world is one of the greatest feelings you'll ever have.

Although the majority of your trip will be positive, sometimes things will happen outside of your control that can effect your travels (these are a huge pain at the time but often end up becoming great stories). Here at PLUS we wanted to share some small tips with you that could help you during your trip.

Is it best to book a hostel direct or on a hostel booking website?

There are many ways to book a hostel. You can book direct on a hostel's website (such as on the PLUS Hostels website You can use a reputable hostel booking website such as or to make your booking. You can also just turn up at a hostel and book at reception on the day. Although the latter option usually doesn't provide you with a guarantee there will be a bed for you should the hostel be fully booked.

What's on in Venice this Jan - March! (Carnivale)

Needless  to say that the Carnivale in Venice is one of the biggest events on the Italian calendar. The costumes and colours throughout the event are not done in halves as people of all ages don themselves in anything from pirates to a more traditional medieval masked Venetian ensemble. This year the event kicks off on the 26th of January and runs until the 12th of February - you won't be disappointed.

Top 10 Things to do in Venice


  1. See 3 major sights in Piazza San Marco


Top 3 tips for travelling in Italy on a budget!

 Italy is one of those countries where travelling on a budget is really easy! Train travel here is some of the cheapest you will find in Western Europe, and with luxury hostels/camp sites such as PLUS offering prices from €10 a night (in PLUS Camping Roma) – your main travel expenses such as transport and accommodation can be kept extremely low.

We don’t go travelling though just to sit in our accommodation all day! We want to see and experience what a place has to offer in what can often be a short time scale…

Venice private shuttle not running over winter.

 A quick note to let you all know that our private shuttle service that runs between PLUS Camping Jolly in Venice and Piazzale Roma will not be running over winter. Public transport is still very convienient and will still get you into Piazzale Roma in 15 minutes. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. 

PLUS voted as best hostel in Eastern and Western Europe!

 We are proud to announce that we have been voted by the public as the best hostels in Eastern and Western Europe, thus taking home 2 "Golden Backpack" awards. 

The voting which was carried over a 2 month period consisted of a preliminary round involving 20 hostels in each category which was then cut down to a final short list of 5.

Thanks to all of you who voted!

The awards were hosted by top London magazine, TNT.

What's on in Venice this October!

 If running continuously for 42km without stopping sounds like fun - then the Venice Marathon is for you. Taking place on the 23rd of October, the marathon will feature an all time high of over 8000 runners. Needless to say it's one of the more picturesque marathons in the world, so if you don't fancy running - you can always kick back at a bar and cheer the runners on.

Top 5 Cheapest WESTERN European Countries (For Hostel Prices)

We told you recently what the cheapest countries in Europe were for hostel prices. By enlarge the message was head East. Eastern Europe is much cheaper than it's Western counterpart when it comes to just about everything – hostels being no exception. However, Western Europe is popular for a reason. No one is going to come all the way from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, or the USA for instance and then not visit places like Paris, Rome, or Berlin. What I wanted to do for you then was tell you where in Western Europe you're likely to find the cheapest hostel prices.

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