PLUS Tips To Help You With Your Travels

 From the freedom and discovering the "unknown" to the general excitement of just "living life" - travelling the world is one of the greatest feelings you'll ever have.

Although the majority of your trip will be positive, sometimes things will happen outside of your control that can effect your travels (these are a huge pain at the time but often end up becoming great stories). Here at PLUS we wanted to share some small tips with you that could help you during your trip.

Bed Bugs

Despite the regularity in which we fumigate our rooms, bed bugs can unknowingly be brought in from the outside via clothes, bags, hair and anything else they can latch onto. We always do our very best to get rid of them immediately, though sometimes it's too late by the time we find out. Here's a great link we found on dealing with bed bugs.


Unfortunately all it takes is 2 seconds for a thief to take what he/she wants. Whether it be in the hostel or whilst sightseeing you should always be on allert and take precautions. This doesn't necessarily mean having 2 wallets or wearing an uber fashionable "bum bag" (or fanny pack for those of you from across the Atlantic) - just keep your wits about you. Make sure you have travel insurance on the more expensive things such as laptops, tablets and high end cameras etc etc. Use lockers and safes provided. All of our properties have these available.


Plastic bags are a life saver! Wet clothes, dirty shoes, anything that smells - throw it into a plastic bag.
For long haul travel an inflatable cushion is a great idea as is anything with music to keep your sanity.
Running shoes and flip flops (thongs or jandals) should be the only real footwear you need. High heels and Paul Smith brogues probably don't need to be shoved in your backpack before anything else.
Hair straighteners and hair dryers will be found at most hostels these days, so you probably won't need to pack these.


Most hostels will have a laundry room to to wash and dry your clothes. You obviously don't have to do this everyday, but nobody wants to sit next to the smelly person on the train, so wash your clothes regularly enough to keep your new travel friends. 
Shower gel and soap aren't provided like in hotels. You might be lucky at some hostels providing it as an extra service. The best thing to do is carry your own toiletries. If you're flying - remember to keep the liquids below 100ml per container.


A credit card will definitely come in handy. Check before leaving in regards to foreign fees. If you're going to use your bank card, inform your bank before leaving on any long trips as they will freeze your card due to any strange activity.
Never carry too much cash, as once it's gone - it's gone (and a lot harder to keep track of).

If you have anything to add - please let us know!

The PLUS Crew.