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Los hostales PLUS brindan a los viajeros independientes de todas las edades alojamiento de alta calidad en Florencia, Roma, Venecia, Berlín y Praga, todos ellos provistos de instalaciones increíbles con piscinas, saunas, restaurantes, bares, gimnasio y ¡mucho más!


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Latest news

Reminder: Art Display in PLUS Florence Until October

Just a reminder for all - as if there wasn't already enough art in Florence: Until the 21st October we will be hosting eight different art exhibitions, each in a different area of the hostel, and all featuring local artists. Here's a snippet of what's on offer:

PLUS Berlin Art Installation

At PLUS Berlin we’ve had an ever-changing art exhibition ongoing since 2010. This is our latest refresh, to be found all over the hostel starting on the 30th April…

BBM Magazine Makes PLUS Prague its Hostel of the Week

PLUS Prague continues to show why it's Prague's best backpacker destination - with our bar & restuarant, saltwater swimming pool, sauna, gym and much more we've always been high on the list of budget accommodation in Europe - and now we've been named as BBM Magazine's European Hostel of the Week as well!