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Cheap Hostels: How to Choose

Hostels provide a great atmosphere that you may not find in hotels or even guesthouses, and if you are (like some others) who want to spend most of the time of your travel outdoors, you want to control your expenses and you love connecting with other travelers like you. 

Sometime choosing a cheap hostel is not easy

Not everyone has the same idea of comfort and the same ideal “quality-price” ratio. That’s why looking just for the cheaper option might not be a wise choice if you want to avoid unexpected surprises.

 Not every hostel is the same: actually they are all different and with the growing demand of affordable accommodation in Europe, some hostels start competing not just with low prices but also trying to give themselves a unique identity, attracting particular types of travellers or offering specific services. 

Here are a few guidelines on how to choose a hostel

• Research; Check on sites that have budget accommodation options such as, or to name a few
• Ratings; check out ratings and reviews of the hostel. Some popular hostels may have the highest ratings but do tend to be quite noisy compared to others which may not necessarily have the highest ratings but can offer you tranquility and some quiet time.
• Check location; the hostels location can give you an idea of how far or close it is to where you want to be.
• Google Street view; Look it up on Google street view and see what the surroundings are like.
• Out of city center hostels; visit sites such as to find out distances if you are planning to stay outside of a city center.
 Choose between a big hostel or small hostel; the internet connection is stronger in a smaller hostel compared to the bigger ones and depending on your mean of travel for business or leisure- the smaller hostels provide a more personal feel compared to the bigger hostels.
• Dorm experience; some hostels give you the option of 8-bedroom dorm, 4 bedroom and even a private bedroom room. Select whichever option best suites you and remember- sharing a dorm brings about the ultimate hostel adventure to experience! 

If you want to avoid surprises, Plus Hostels are the best choice

Plus Hostels can accommodate you in hostels in different cities of Europe but with a big difference: these hostels can offer the basic hostel experience but also amenities and facilities that usually only nice hotels have.

 In this way you can book your cheap hostel add extras and improve your comfort on-the-go, paying for what you need.

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