what is a hostel like

Staying in a hostel: a great option for individuals and groups

Are you planning a trip to central Europe? Are you worried about both costs and connecting with other travelers while underway? Consider booking a bed in a youth hostel. Hostels traditionally provide travelers both affordable accommodations and options for meeting other travelers, whether you get to know others through chatting and sharing meals in public spaces or by taking advantage of the events and tours that many hostels continue to arrange for their visitors. 

What is a hostel like?

Put most simply, a hostel is a lot like a neighborhood reduced into one building or complex: hostels provide cheap accommodations by making a lot of their amenities communal. Travelers sleep in shared dormitories, split a bathroom with their dorm mates—or sometimes even the entire floor—and have the opportunity to make their meals together in shared kitchens and in-door and/or out-door eating areas. 

Unfortunately, many hostels have abandoned the original communal foundations of the concept of the “Jugendherberge” or youth hostel. Plus Europe is trying to change that, by offering their visitors a wide range of public amenities. At Plus, you don’t just book a bed when you plan your visit, you also gain access to all of our communal spaces, which include a swimming pool, sauna, areas to exercise, and a range of spaces to make, order, and eat your meals.  

Connect with others by staying in a hostel

On top of saving money by staying in a hostel dormitory, youth hostels provide you a great deal of opportunities to connect. Before you choose your perfect hostel, contact the reception staff to ask if they organize events for travelers. For instance, at Plus, the hostel staff bring you to the party and also bring the party to you. Reception staff routinely organize pub crawls, as well as day trips like tours of the city’s neighborhoods or guided visits to major historical sites. You can also dance the night away onsite, by taking full advantage of Plus DJ sets! 

Once you meet a couple other travelers in your dorm room or through Plus Hostels & Hotels organized events, enjoying your travels becomes even easier. Trade traveling secrets with your dorm mates, join forces to BBQ up an elaborate meal, or challenge the entire hostel to a volleyball tournament. When you a book a bed at Plus, all of these exchanges become available to you. 

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