Cheap hostels: a guide for the 21st-century traveler

Perhaps the most significant impact of the late 20th century on travelling has been its democratization: these days, everyone has access to cheap flights and cheaper accommodations around the globe. But getting the cheapest flights to and cheapest accommodations in Europe often leads to a stressful and alienating experience. Here is a brief guide on how to find cheap accommodation in Europe without sacrificing a good night’s sleep and an enjoyable trip.

Cheapest hostels in Europe

The cheapest hostels in Europe are typically located in countries that have only recently witnessed the explosion of 21st-century tourism. Yes, it is still possible to find a bed at a hostel for under €10 in Europe - the cheapest hostels in Europe are located in Albania, Lithuania, or Azerbaijan, and all of these countries are definitely worth exploring. But central and southern Europe - like the Czech Republic, Berlin, and Italy - are still also exciting and historically significant sites to visit.

Find cheap accommodation in central and southern Europe

When you look for cheap hostels Europe, it’s easy to be led astray by the price. But it’s also important to look at the amenities that each hostel offers, as well as its location and general affect. Extra charges often await you at cheap hostels in Europe, so be skeptical of shockingly low prices and read the reviews: have other guests noted that the hostel is clean? Is WIFI complimentary and accessible in both public areas and dormitories? Do linens cost extra? What is the price for breakfast? Are there facilities available for you to make your own meals?

Get more for less at Plus

As you explore the prices for a hostel dormitory bed in cities like Berlin, Prague, or Florence, you’ll likely find that the cheapest hostels offer little more than a bed. Did you know that you can book a place to sleep at a hostel that also has a swimming pool on site? What about a hostel with a sauna? Or even a DJ set? Yes, that is possible! And for incredibly affordable prices. Plusoffers a wide range of dormitory sizes and formats, as well as female-only dormitories, so that every traveler can explore Europe comfortably. Expect more from your hostel experience by exploring the beds and rooms available at Plus Hostels & Hotels - and don’t forget to bring your swimsuit!

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