Where to Sleep in Florence

Florence is a unique city in the Tuscany Region of Italy. A small capital of art and culture, famous for being the cradle of the Renaissance, creating a huge heritage of art, culture, history and philosophy that has influenced the rest of the West for centuries.  

A trip to the most important city of Tuscany will leave you totally amazed.

Where to stay in Florence, one of the cities with the most tourists in the world?

The influx of tourists is such that the prices for overnight stays in Florence in some seasons increase visibly.

In addition, the city constantly hosts traditional events (such as the traditional feasts to celebrate the season of Wine) and modern (like concerts) making it sometimes very difficult to find accommodation. Or at least, making it difficult to find where to sleep in Florence at reasonable prices in reasonable areas.

Sleeping in Florence City Center?

With lots to choose from but obviously to enjoy Florence to the fullest you must try to find an accommodation in Florence near the center. The historical center, museum and outdoor living room, arouses feelings of such beauty that it was here that the poet Stendhal described his syndrome: a total loss of contact with the surrounding world in contemplating the beauties of the city and a sense of enormous sadness that he tried to leave Florence. 

For luxury travellers, who do not have to worry about the budget, the city offers starred hotels in old houses and stately mansions.

Plus Hostel a Florence

Plus Hostels in Florence is one of the best places to stay in the city: it reflects all the features we talked about before. The property is located within a 10 minutes walk from the statue of David, 15 minutes from the Duomo (if you are still not familiar with the Italian language, it means the Cathedral, one of the most impressive buildings of the entire Renaissance) , near the train station of Florence Statuto: a perfect location for travellers! 

Whatever type of accommodation you choose then, whether it is the hostel formula in a dormitory (also female solos) or rather a room among the various available (double, single, triple, double with separate beds, quadruple ...) and that you have booked in groups or alone, Plus Hostels offers you the chance to enjoy services that few others offer. Book your stay today.

Staying in Florence in the shadow of the Brunelleschi's dome is the best way to enjoy every second of your trip, exploring the city, its culture, its monuments ...  Of course, Florence is not a cheap city so it's not easy to an accommodation in Florence that meets the needs of comfort, location and price.

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