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Where to Stay in Florence

Florence—or Firenze in Italian—is the cultural center of Tuscany, the birthplace of both the Italian Renaissance and the poet Dante. The majority of Florence’s most jaw-dropping sights are located within the historic center of the city, which is more or less bordered by the highway SS67. For the most convenient Florence accommodation, you’ll want to book a hotel or hostel within these borders, though as you might expect, most accommodation within the historic center of the city becomes more and more expensive with each passing year. In this blog, we provide you important information so that you can make an informed choice about the most appropriateFlorence accommodations for your needs.  

Florence accommodation 

Hotels in the historic center of Florence typically range between €120 and €500 a night, which is pretty prohibitive for people travelling on a tight budget. The cheapest hostel beds within the historic center typically start at around €40 a night in the off-season. 

Apartments, hotels, and hostels are available outside of the historic city-center, though you’ll likely find that the largest hotels located in Florence’s outer residential areas are inconveniently far away from the most compelling sights of the city. Driving your own personal vehicle into the city center is not recommended unless you have already arranged for cheap and convenient parking. 

Places to stay in Florence Italy 

If you’re arriving to Florence in your own personal vehicle, you may be able to find street parking in the outer limits of the city, where a bed and breakfast or hotel may have more space to accommodate visitors’ cars. However, travelling into the city to explore its historical sights often adds unnecessary time and extra expenses to your stay. 

The best place to stay in Florence: get more for less

The Plus Hotel & Hostel is located within the historic city center, within convenient walking distance from Florence’s highlights, including the Duomo and Uffizi Gallery. Unlike most hotels and hostels in Florence’s historic center, Plus Florence provides visitors spacious amenities for an affordable price. If you’re arriving by car, that’s not a problem. Reception staff can arrange a nearby parking spot for the very reasonable price of €20 a day. If you are looking for a conveniently located hostel or hotel that also offers visitors ample space to relax, consider booking a bed or room at Plus Florence. 

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